Understanding how to value an estate

Estate Value

Depending on its total value, inheritance tax may need to be paid on an individual’s estate when they die. In this blog we’ll take a closer look at how estates […]

What assets make up an estate?

Estate assets

If you’ve investigated how much inheritance tax (IHT) your loved ones are likely to pay when you die, you may be confused by what assets are subject to this levy. […]

Common estate planning myths debunked

Planning estate

Estate planning is designed to ensure that when a person dies, more of their wealth passes on to their loved ones, ensuring they are provided for. Despite this, many people […]

How wealth managers help with estate planning

Writing planning estate

Estate planning allows people to put a clear plan together that details their specific wishes regarding how they would like their estate to be handled upon their death. This ensures […]

What are the key elements of estate planning?

Estate planning

Estate planning empowers people to create a clearly defined plan that details their wishes regarding how they would like their personal estate to be managed upon their death. The role […]

It’s all in the preparation…

Financial Advice

Getting your affairs in order and planning what you want to pass on to loved ones, whether it’s while you’re alive or after you’ve passed away, is really important. Not only does […]

Your options for passing on your wealth

Saving money for Retirement

You’ve worked hard all of your life to get to where you are, and providing for those you care about is important to you. However, just owning your own home […]