About Us

Hartey Wealth Management

An award-winning portfolio management company

“To help retirees and successful business people understand the risks they are taking and to help them realign this with the risk they are willing to take and to protect their downside.”

Our Promise

We are committed to offering impartial and unbiased advice to all of our clients, covering the entirety of the financial services market.

Our Process

We structure our fees according to four guiding principles: transparency; control; added value; and a consistently fair approach.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is to provide the very best local service and financial guidance to retirees and entrepreneurs.

Our Team

Everyone in the Hartey Wealth Management team are experienced and well trained to ensure we have the technical expertise required to advise you wisely.

Chosen Charity

The Charlotte Hartey Foundation provides local financial resources in the form of gifts to youth clubs, schools and organisations.


There is nothing more rewarding than being recognised for the hard work and dedication we put in to making our customer service first class.

Join The Team

We’re always looking to develop our business and a big part of this is by keeping a look out for new additions to add to our team.


At Hartey Wealth Management, we pride ourselves on the life-long relationships that we build with our clients – many of which are happy to speak on our behalf.