Second Opinion Service

An original concept from Hartey Wealth Management, The Second Opinion service delivers expertly crafted advisory to aid you with the management of your financial affairs.

Will The Second Opinion Service benefit me?

As an independent and impartial financial advisory firm, dedicated to helping our clients preserve and create their wealth, Hartey Wealth Management are proud to introduce this unique Second Opinion Service.

With The Second Opinion Service, you give the ‘green light’ to Hartey’s experienced financial experts to cast an unhindered eye over your assets. This unique service delivers in-depth analysis of the inner workings and mechanisms of your financial affairs and investment portfolio.

Just some of the invaluable features and benefits of this bespoke financial advice service include:

  • Investments – a clear view of whether your investments are up to standard
  • Retirement planning – the answers you need to understand whether you are financially ready for retirement
  • Inheritance tax planning – crystal clear understanding of what your tax bill is
  • Protection – the assurance and peace-of-mind of knowing that you are covered

A friendly finance specialist is waiting to help you learn more about how this bespoke and unique financial advisory service could benefit you..

Special financial planning services

Hartey Wealth Management’s team of financial experts are ready to apply a structured process to your financial affairs. Key financial planning domains that our experts analyse to help our clients preserve, manage and create their wealth, include:
Is your investment portfolio diverse and sturdy enough?
Given the recent global uncertainties, from public health issues to market fluctuations, it’s more important than ever to have a robust investment portfolio.
Retirement planning
Are you ready for retirement?
With evidence that we are living longer in the UK, it’s advisable to begin considering your options as soon as possible. Expert retirement planners can assess your options outside of the State Pension.
Inheritance tax planning
What is your tax bill?
Calculating IHT bills is non-trivial. Some in-depth calculations are required to work out your potential liability, in order to effectively mitigate any potential tax bill upon your death.
Are you covered?
A variety of protection products are available to cover mortgage payments in the event of death, critical illness or inability to work.

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Interested in a second opinion on your investment portfolio?

If you have any questions about your investments, pensions or plans, contact us today. To learn more about The Second Opinion Service, visit the service’s dedicated website.