How does Inheritance Tax work?

Inheritance Tax, often abbreviated as IHT, is a government levy on the estate of a person who has passes away. It encompasses all of their money, property and personal possessions. […]

IHT payments hit record high after COVID-19

New statistics released indicate that residents in the United Kingdom paid a record amount in inheritance tax (IHT) back in July this year, after the number of COVID-related deaths spiked […]

Are you prepared for inheritance tax?

While you might have made long-term financial plans that even factor in retirement, are you prepared for inheritance tax? In the following passages, we’ll take a look at four important […]

UK Chancellor urged to hike inheritance tax

An international organisation specialising in intergovernmental economics has advised Chancellor Rishi Sunak that post-pandemic, the current inheritance tax allowances should be amended to raise more money for governments.