IHT payments hit record high after COVID-19

New statistics released indicate that residents in the United Kingdom paid a record amount in inheritance tax (IHT) back in July this year, after the number of COVID-related deaths spiked […]

Are you prepared for inheritance tax?

While you might have made long-term financial plans that even factor in retirement, are you prepared for inheritance tax? In the following passages, we’ll take a look at four important […]

UK Chancellor urged to hike inheritance tax

An international organisation specialising in intergovernmental economics has advised Chancellor Rishi Sunak that post-pandemic, the current inheritance tax allowances should be amended to raise more money for governments.

How is inheritance tax calculated?

Inheritance Tax (IHT) is defined as tax on a person’s estate, made up of their possessions, property and assets, after they die. While no tax will be due if an […]

Inheritance tax and probate rules set to change

At present, administrators and executors of estates are required to submit either an IHT400 or IHT205 form to make certain the appropriate procedures are taken, but the government has now […]