Thousands to face IHT bill from HMRC


Recent figures indicate that in the coming years, UK homeowners numbering in their thousands are likely to be faced with an Inheritance Tax (IHT) bill from Her Majesty’s Revenue and […]

Inheritance tax planning guide for 2022

2022 diary

Inheritance tax must be paid on your estate when a person dies, ultimately reducing how much of its value can be handed down to their beneficiaries. It can also be […]

How does Inheritance Tax work?

Pensioner couple with money

Inheritance Tax, often abbreviated as IHT, is a government levy on the estate of a person who has passes away. It encompasses all of their money, property and personal possessions. […]

IHT payments hit record high after COVID-19


New statistics released indicate that residents in the United Kingdom paid a record amount in inheritance tax (IHT) back in July this year, after the number of COVID-related deaths spiked […]