Trusted financial protection services

Experienced financial advisers can ensure that you have adequate financial protection for you, your family and any dependants. Regardless of any uncertainties in the current economic environment, a few sound and well practised strategies, expertly guided by your financial advisers, can prepare you for a sound financial future.

Do you need financial protection?

As a healthy working person with a relatively high income, you may feel reasonably confident that you’re able to provide for your family.  However, your finances could be more precarious than you think.  For example, turbulent economic environments which are beyond your control can leave you financially exposed. Financial protection advice can safeguard your finances against life’s expected, and unexpected, turns of events.

While your individual situation will always have its unique qualities, tailored financial protection, delivered by finance experts, can solidify your family’s long-term financial protection plans.

Tailored financial protection advice provides a financial umbrella that typically covers subjects such as:


  • Life Insurance
  • Income Protection
  • Private medical cover 
  • Family Protection
  • Business protection 

Tailored financial protection provides peace of mind

Protection provides the foundation for sound financial planning. Let our expert protection advisers match you with the most appropriate protection products, to provide peace of mind and assurance that your loved ones will be financially protected in case the unexpected happens.Whatever your individual needs, be it health, income, inheritance, mortgage or business protection, our protection advisers access the highest quality financial products, at competitive prices, for our clients. Typically, our protection advisers handpick the best products on the market, including:
Life Insurance
Life Insurance is a financial safety net.
Although we would rather not think about the time we’re not around, it’s important to protect the things that really matter – our loved ones. Our insurance specialists advise on appropriate Life Insurance, Term Life Insurance or Whole Life Insurance policies, to help your loved ones cope at an otherwise difficult time.
Private health protection
A helping hand for you and your loved ones, in case the worst happens.

We never imagine that a serious illness is going to happen to us. But, it can and does. Critical illness cover and private health insurance could minimise the financial impact on you and your family. Let our advisers match you with appropriate health protection to take care of you and your loved ones if the worst does happen.

Income protection
How would you manage if you couldn’t work due to unforeseen circumstances?
No one likes to think that something bad will happen to them. But, if you can’t work due to an accident or illness, could you survive on savings or sick pay? Let our insurance specialists advise on appropriate income protection options to ensure the bills are paid in the event of an unexpected emergency.
Inheritance tax
What will happen after your death, to make the lives of your loved ones easier?
There are a number of different ingredients that make up the value of your estate. The bill that your beneficiaries have to pay can be complex, therefore some in depth calculations are required to work out your potential liability in order to best mitigate any potential tax bill upon your death.
Protection from scams
Will your assets be transferred into structures that provide lasting benefits to your family?
Fraudsters are becoming evermore deceitful, increasingly sophisticated and sadly, more successful. Stats highlight that pension and investment scams are rising in the UK. The internet and digital technologies mean scams are more common and harder to identify. Let our finance experts help to protect you from the threat of losing a lifetime’s savings in just moments.
Partnership and shareholder
What would be the impact if your business partner or shareholder died or became critically ill?
Have you ever thought about what would happen if the worst happened to your business partner or major shareholder? Of course, the loss of a business partner could have a major impact on the success of any business. Let our business protection specialists help you select shareholder and partnership protection that could mitigate financial and operational impact.
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