Karl Hartey takes part in Gumball3000 Rally







During the first week of May, Karl Hartey took part in his third Gumball 3000 Rally with wife and co-pilot Helen, driving 3000 miles from Dublin to Bucharest in just six days.

The Gumball 3000 rally is to raise all-important funds for the Gumball 3000 Foundation, a registered charity established to utilise the wealth and influence of the Gumball alumni to support youth based projects in low income areas, giving underprivileged youth opportunities in life. By the end of the week the celebrities and drivers that took part in the rally had raised a massive £500,000!

The rally passes through a number of countries and cities; London, France, Czech Republic and Budapest just to name a few; all the way to the ultimate destination of Bucharest, Romania.

Karl, who flies the flag for team 48, says; “The range of cars is amazing! We saw everything from Super Cars to one off prototypes such as the amazing bat mobile. The drive from Prague via Slovakia, Hungary and Romania was by far my favourite part of the journey, especially the snow-capped mountains in Romania. I also had had the opportunity to drive my car around the Formula1 circuit in Hungary which is something I’ve always wanted to do!”

Featured in the Hartey Wealth Management Summer 2016 Newsletter


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