UK’s fintech investment makes impressive return

After a harrowing 2020, the UK fintech sector has made an exceptional start and has attracted over £2bn across over 100 massive deals in the first financial quarter of 2021.

The UK’s fintech industry raised $2.9bn (£2.08bn) in total in the initial three months of this year across 117 individual deals, showing superior investment levels recorded at 153% higher than last quarter.

The activity is indicative of what can be described as a growing momentum for the sector, driven on by returning confidence and an increased appetite from those investing following the turbulent events of 2020.

Six massive deals worth over $100m have already been made, which included and Starling Bank, whose valuations soared to $15bn and $1.9bn, respectively.

Statistics indicate that that investment in 2021’s first quarter is up by 331% in comparison to the same period when the country first went into lockdown last year. Investment in fintech industries so far represents around 69% of the entire amount invested for the whole of last year, as in line with restrictions easing, investors are becoming bolder.

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The fast-growing Fintech sector is currently expanding rapidly at an exceptional rate, showing its ability to overcome the economic turmoil many other industries have suffered since last year. Some analysts will cite the recent figures of an indication of a trend likely to continue.


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