UK university spinouts raise over £11bn

The figures also showed that in terms of investors from abroad, the US was the most active by far.

Recent statistics have revealed that over the last decade, more than a thousand UK university spinouts have passed over 3,000 equity rounds totalling in excess of £11bn.

Between 2012 and 2021, a total of 3,000 different equity deals were secured by university spinout. While American investors were most active accounting for 378 deals, the Netherlands and China also placed, with 37 and 33 deals respectively.

While foreign investors often seek out suitable assets available here in the UK, British investors looking for financial advice in Chester, London and other major cities also look further afield for profitable investments. Wealth managers are often consulted, providing expert guidance on the potential risk and return involved in assets available abroad.

The study found that over the last decade, 1,000 higher learning spinouts raised equity investment in a wide range of sector and specialised fields such as pharmaceuticals, medical and diagnostics devices, healthcare, clean energy and materials technology. Of these, 166 have since exited by either being bought outright online or by going public.

In 2021 alone, a staggering £2.54bn was invested in UK university spinouts, more than six times the £405m recorded back in 2012. Last year’s biggest investment in terms of equity for spinouts was claimed by Oxford Nanopore Technologies of the University of Oxford. The spin out received £195m worth of funding in May for its work developing RNA and DNA sequencing technology.


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