UK investors adapt strategies to weather higher interest rates

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According to a new research report, UK-based investors will rely on ISAs, portfolio diversification and investments that deliver a fixed return over the next 12-month term.

This comes as part of an attempt to manage continuing concerns around the UK economy.

UK consumers looking to remain resilient against an ever-changing financial market often depend on expert investment advice in Chester, Shropshire and other parts of the country. Wealth managers are investment specialists who can help their clients create diversified portfolios that balance risk and return for long-term gains.

The survey was commissioned by an investment platform regulated by the FCA and included 2,000 adult Britons, out of which 964 had investment portfolios with a value of over £10,000.

The study found that 65 per cent of retail investors in the UK have now adapted the investment strategies they use to cope with high inflation and rising interest rates during the last 12 months.

However, it discovered that despite this action, financial concerns remain, with 55 per cent fearing that if the UK economy entered another recession, it would negatively affect their investment portfolio.

When making projections for the following 12 months to come, 38 per cent of retail investors aim to diversify their present investment strategy, in comparison to 53 per cent, who plan to retain their current strategy and keep it in similar size and shape to how it has been in 2023.

Finally, the research unearthed that 57 per cent of UK-based retail investors plan to prioritise investments providing set returns in an agreed term, with 67 per cent set on increasing funds saved in ISAs.

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