Report reveals struggle to match portfolios with ESG preferences

A recent investment study has discovered that most investors identify the gap between their current portfolio and environmental, social and governance (ESG) preferences and are struggling to translate their personal intentions into portfolio choices.

The report encompassed three major international investment centres: London, Singapore, and New York. It found that despite an increasing demand among consumers for sustainable investing, a lack of confidence exists among investors. The majority of those surveyed felt unsure that their present portfolios were aligned with their personal ESG values.

Investors looking to balance their assets with professional portfolio management in Chester, London and other major cities often seek out support from wealth management firms. As they are able to create well-balanced portfolios that meet clients’ personal attitudes towards risk and sustainability, a consultation with wealth managers can be exceptionally useful for investors.

The research report is concerned with ESG investing on the client side. Its aim was to establish investor attitudes in the US, Singapore and the UK towards ESG investing. This included their actual ESG values, the weaknesses and strengths of their current financial advisor regarding ESG investing and what for them would be constitute an ideal experience of ESG investment.

The study found that the personal ESG preferences of investors varied widely and were distributed across the entire spectrum of forms available for sustainable investment on the present market. However, it also found that for most investors across all three regions surveyed, their present portfolio allocation and personal ESG preferences were mismatched.


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