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Although a number of people start off as DIY investors, ordinarily they soon realise that the help of a good financial adviser is the best way forward; they can help you realise your goals by offering impartial and expert advice on your financial affairs. Here, we offer the top reasons for seeking the help of a professional.

You’ve got better things to do

Do you really have time and patience to wade through the realms of the online world to find what it is you are after? A financial planning team could do this for you, giving you time to do what you want and without the stress of watching the ups and downs of the stock markets.

What’s your number?

Half the battle is in knowing how much money is enough. Financial planners are skilled at taking your dreams and goals and quantifying them. Having a target to aim for makes financial decision-making a lot easier.

The secret to your financial independence

The most effective way to achieve financial independence is to do the small but important things regularly for long enough. Good financial planners know which of your financial levers to pull for the best effect.

Telling it to you straight

Buying a guaranteed lifetime income is very expensive, especially right now. For most people, this means compromising by either accepting less income or more risk. A financial planner has the skills to explain the risk versus reward trade-off, so you can take the route that is right for you.

Someone you are accountable to

Unfortunately, too many people who make their own financial plans don’t actually follow through on them. A financial planner will be the ‘monkey on your back’ to ensure you take the steps needed to achieve your long-term goals.

Someone who is accountable to you

The financial services sector is rife with conflicts of interest. A good financial planner will be upfront with you about any part of their service that conflicts with your interests.

Hints and tips

Financial planners will have a wealth of practical hints and tips to help improve your finances.

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