What does the term ‘ESG investing’ refer to?

If you’re keen to make investments but want to ensure that those you select are aligned with your personal ethics, ESG investing is worth considering.

ESG is short for environmental, social and governance. An ESG investment considers these areas alongside the possible financial returns involved.

This type of investing aims to use funds for a good cause, while delivering a healthy return. It allows investors and savers to put their money into firms that they feel act ethically and are trying to improve the world and the people who are living in it. Renewable energy companies and sustainable transport firms are both examples of businesses considered ESG investments.

At one point, these types of assets were considered niche, but ESG investing has become a sought-after option by many due to the increased interest and awareness of sustainability issues. ESG investing once had a reputation for earning investors less profit, but this is no longer true.

Are you looking for an ESG investment?

When selecting an ethical investment, it’s crucial that you understand your personal principles. For example, you might feel strongly regarding one aspect of ESG investing, such as the environment, or be looking to create portfolio considering all areas.

If you are interested in unbiased investment advice in Shropshire and Chester and wish to create a portfolio that reflects your ethics, get in touch with our expert team today. At Hartey Wealth Management, we can offer advice on your current investments or help you develop a brand-new portfolio.


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