UK urged to cancel corporate tax increase

To boost investment here in Britain, the Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) has recommended that the United Kingdom should make the move to cancel its plans to increase corporate tax. According to the CPS, such a decision could ensure that the UK continues to be an attractive location to conduct business.

Britain’s corporate tax on enterprises with yearly profits greater than £250,000 is set to rise to 25 per cent from the current 19 per cent as part of the UK Treasury’s efforts to reduce government borrowing.

Statistics from the CPS show that business leaders from around the world still see Britain as a more attractive investment option than other countries in Europe, but also indicate that the UK is losing ground. Individual consumers and companies alike often consult wealth managers for investment advice in Shropshire, Hampshire and other affluent parts of the country. Offering an unbiased and expert opinion, wealth managers can explain the risk and return involved in potential assets that investors have an interest in.

Following the CPS report, which surveyed over 100 business leaders and investors, it is petitioning the British government to reform regulations that hamper investment, increase tax breaks that can boost investment and empower regions and cities so they can promote themselves as attractive locations for new capital.

Additionally, the CPS has urged Prime Minister Boris Johnson to lead the UK’s ambitions to attract investment, following the recent example of President Emmanuel Macron’s efforts in France.


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