UK property investors plunge funds into Spain

A recent report has revealed that British investors have been steadily increasing their involvement in Spain’s property market.

The nation’s most tourist-friendly areas were among those that most interested UK investors, and included properties on the island of Ibiza, the coastal town of Sitges and the Catalonian capital, Barcelona.

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Over the last year, Spain has experienced rising property sales with the National Statistics Institute recording that in 2022’s first quarter there were 160,398 sales in comparison to 141,851 sales made at the same time in the previous year, making a 13.1% uplift.

Spain’s largest group of overseas investors were based in the US, showing interest in locations like Girona, Valencia, and Barcelona. However, the recent research also uncovered that many UK buyers were seeking to buy property in Spain as either primary or secondary homes. The statistics showed that overall, the number of UK investors in Spanish property was 90% year on year, making Britain the country’s second largest investment group for the sector.

In the last few decades, Barcelona has maintained its position as the most sought-after location for property buyers from both Spain and abroad, with many international investors seeking to become expatriates in the city.


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