Study shows international investors recognise climate change

Recent research has revealed that major investors across the globe now recognise climate change’s importance.

New measures being taken involve the issue of climate being built into governance structures, with frameworks created to evaluate the impact of investments on our climate, but also the effect of climate change on investments.

Asset management company PGIM’s recent report outlined that while global investors are aware of the importance of the issue, over 40% are taking no action to mitigate the escalating risk posed by climate change with the investment process.

It also uncovered that although around 89% of international investors conceded that climate change was a crucial issue for their enterprise, just 58% had taken formal steps to add it to their dedicated investment process.

Figures indicated that climate change was seen as a more significant factor for decision making and asset allocation by European investors in comparison to those based in the United States and Asia-Pacific nations. Around 85% of investors in Europe believed it was an important element in comparison to only 25% in the US.

Here in the UK, investors who are keen to make ethical investments that consider the environment can count on financial advisors for professional portfolio management services in Chester, London, and other major UK cities. Portfolios can be specifically tailored to suit an investors personal ethics and only include assets that focus on sustainability and allow them to enjoy the benefits of a wealth of greener investment opportunities.


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