New report reveals reasons for record megadeals

In the last 10 years here in the United Kingdom, the number of venture capital investment “megadeals” has increased tenfold.

This revelation follows research that has unveiled that, around a decade ago, there were only five such megadeals active, with the term “megadeal” defining an agreement where £50 million or greater was invested in UK enterprises.

The report also uncovered that on just the first two financial quarters of 2021, 51 such deals have been made. Furthermore, over half of these investment deals were classed as “gigadeals” – an equity deal with £100 million or more invested.

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The figure for 2021’s UK megadeals to date has already exceeded those made in both 2020 and in 2019, the latter of which, until now, held the record for the largest number of investment megadeals.

In 2019, there was total of £6.2 billion invested through megadeals, but in the first half of 2021 alone, £6.5 billion has been invested.

For the most part, it is technology companies here in the UK that have been enjoying the benefit of these largescale investment deals. This year has seen life sciences, software and financial technology (fintech) firms dominate the list of company sectors acquiring megadeals to expand their businesses.


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