Investments in UK life sciences surges

The COVID-19 outbreak has increased UK investor interest in the life sciences sector, according to a new report.

In 2021’s first quarter, UK diagnostics, medical equipment manufacturers, drug designers and other firms focusing on life sciences have so far raised around £10.6bn from stock market flotation and rounds of private funding, says a report from property giant Savills.

Last year, enterprises operating in the life sciences industry saw around £20bn worth of investment, comprising venture capital, public listings, private equity, and mergers and acquisitions. This means that in Q1 of 2021, figures indicate investment in the sector already matches half of 2020’s total recorded amount.

The new report shows that the coronavirus outbreak has increased interest in the sector with UK investors, many of whom are considering the industry for the first time. UK investors seeking independent investment advice in Chester, London and other cities across the country can count on professional wealth management services for an impartial eye on their portfolio, and expert guidance on risk and return.

Major deals already made this year include the UK-based biotech Kymab being purchased by French pharmaceutical giant Sanofi for £1bn, and the recently revealed £14.5 million flotation of the UK firm 4basebio, which is focused on delivering DNA for use in gene therapy and DNA vaccines, on the London AIM market.

Out of 1,226 UK companies operating the life sciences sector, most are situated in London, Cambridge or Oxford, but recently Northern and Midlands firms are gaining ground in Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle and Leeds.


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