How can I invest with a conscience?

There is hope that we have all emerged from the tribulations of 2020 as a kinder, more thoughtful society.

Some businesses proved their caring credentials last year as they switched away from their day-to-day activities to support good causes. That ranged from restaurants supporting local charities with food deliveries, all the way up the corporate scale to major companies such as Burberry that stopped making its iconic raincoats and instead churned out protective garments for healthcare professionals.

As we look ahead with some hope that vaccine development will soon allow us to resume some kind of normality in our lives, it’s reassuring to know that companies providing employment and services for the local community, as well as those that seek to make money for shareholders, also have a social conscience.

We will all surely remember the businesses that were supportive during the pandemic, and those that went beyond expectations, and support them as they rebuild in the coming years.

Increasingly, we are also looking to invest with a conscience. Whether it’s an ISA, rainy day money or a pension, there are many more options than existed a few decades ago, when investing ethically meant accepting poorer investment performance.

Companies and investors are now more cognisant of the need for good stewardship. That’s evidenced by the growing focus on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. There is no longer a need to sacrifice investment returns in return for investing positively. It’s something we can help with at Hartey Wealth Management if you’re looking for financial planning advice in Cheshire.


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