How can I future-proof my savings?

Savers frustrated by low interest rates need to track down investment products that will offer better returns without taking excessive levels of risk.

One way some of them do that is to create a portfolio that covers rainy day money, investments that can be cashed in at relatively short notice should an emergency arise, and longer-term funds that can be left to grow and therefore have the opportunity to produce better returns over periods that should be measured in years rather than months.

Covering all of those options can be a scary prospect for savers who may not have much investment experience, or who are uncertain about how much they need to allocate to each of those areas. That’s where it becomes indispensable to seek out sound independent financial advice, and in Chester, we at Hartey Wealth Management can provide important source of that type of help.

We’ll discuss in depth your future plans and aspirations over a range of timescales, and we’ll make our recommendation to you based on that information. As a well-established firm with more than a quarter century of experience, we know what’s available to all categories of savers and investors.

We’ll search the market to ensure we can satisfy your needs across all time periods. So, whether you are saving towards your retirement dream, have shorter-term goals such as a child’s school fees or wedding in mind, or you just need a little guidance on how much money you can comfortably lock away, we will be delighted to help.


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