Gender gap decreasing among UK buy-to-let investors

For many years, men have traditionally dominated buy-to-let investing in the property sector. However recent statistics show that women have gained ground and now comprise around 48% of buy-to-let investors based here in the United Kingdom.

The UK currently has 2.6 million investors in buy-to-let properties who purchase apartments and houses, before placing tenants in the properties and earning revenue from the buildings they buy over time.

In the most recently recorded tax year, the number of residential landlords in the UK who are women has seen a dramatic increase within a short space of time, rising to 1.25 million in 2021 from 1.2 million last year.

Figures studying the way women in the UK invest show that their interest in buy-to-let properties exceeds other types of assets. Approximately 44% of the UK’s investors in equities and ISAs are female, while only 15% of popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin is held by women.

Analysing these figures, notes that buy-to-let investments can provide some advantages in comparison to many other asset classes. Advocates point out that such investments offer a business model that is relatively transparent with a low-price volatility. The site adds that buy-to-let investing has a track record of paying out regularly, making it a useful option during periods of financial difficulty and uncertainty, and it does not usually require investors to possess an in-depth understanding of company accounts.

UK investors selecting asset classes for their investment portfolios like property and equities can rely on experts in wealth management in Chester, London and other UK cities for advice.


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