Executive-level investors enjoy quarantine exemption

In order to boost the national economy, executive-level staff who have travelled to the UK and become quarantined will be exempt from restrictions.

Exemption from rules regarding isolation will only be granted to foreign multinational executives visiting UK branches of their companies, and whose work will amount to economic benefits for the country.

The recent government advisory also enables foreign firms to enjoy a quarantine release if they are seeking to invest in a UK-based business or start a new one here. From enterprises to individuals, those seeking investment advice in Chester, Birmingham and other prominent cities across the country can rely on wealth managers for an expert and unbiased eye on potential assets.

The Prime Minister’s spokesperson, Max Blain, explained the reason behind the amendment:

“Many other countries have introduced similar exemptions and it’s important the UK public don’t lose out on prospective major investment. This is about making limited exemptions when people can prove they are looking to make significant major investments.”

The change of tack from the government follows recent reports in the press that Jamie Dimon, CEO for US investment bank and financial services giant JPMorgan Chase & Co., avoided a stop in England during his recent European tour on account of the quarantine rules.

Under the standard travel restrictions, both leisure and business visitors to the UK from parts of the world considered to have coronavirus risk of medium to high are obliged to isolate in either a hotel or home for a period of 10 days following arrival.


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