Crowdfunding firm to launch platform for retail sector investors

UK crowd funding enterprise Crowdcube is set to launch a new platform that will allow retail investors to take part in initial public offerings (IPOs).

The new initiative is to offer a service to cope with the increase in demand expected at a time when government ministers are considering steps to curtail the institutional dominance of London listings.

The company, which currently facilitates retail investment into companies in their early stages, plans to offer a dedicated services for private and public share sales in summer this year.

Crowdcube is now recruiting a designated capital markets team that will work alongside banks and companies on upcoming IPOs. Following many firms delaying plans over the worst financial months of the Covid-19 pandemic last year in 2020, this year has seen sharp spike in London flotations.

UK investors seeking investment advice in Chester, London and other major UK cities can rely on professional wealth management services to create portfolios which balance risk and return, to cope with fluctuations in the market.

The government has since backed a London market review conducted by former EU commissioner, Lord Jonathan Hill, which suggested several recommendations designed to encourage increased retail participation in Initial Public Offerings and making raising capital a process that could more easily include such investors by streamlining it.

Chief executive and co-founder of Crowdcube, Darren Westlake commented that the sizes of the private companies now raising funds through its service had already seen a sharp increase.


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