Can you invest ethically and locally?

There’s a growing trend to take into account environmental considerations when weighing up possible investments. It’s an issue that is taking on greater importance, and there’s an added interest when a local company is involved.

Historically, investing in companies that had a sustainable approach to their businesses meant surrendering some of the returns that could be achieved – engineers, oil producers and tobacco companies generally produced higher, more reliable returns for shareholders than those with a greater focus on ethical matters.

Society’s expectations are changing, and that is creating challenges for companies involved in some of the more traditional industries. At the same time, investment funds that prioritise sustainability have seen substantial growth in popularity over recent years. The companies in which they invest have performed well and many have attractive prospects for the future.

These changes mean that large numbers of investors are switching their focus. One area that is attracting attention is energy generation. That’s exciting news for companies such as Powerhouse Energy, which is working with Peel L&P at its plant in Cheshire. Peel creates hydrogen from waste plastics and is a local champion for developing new waste infrastructure. It’s great news when companies on our doorstep are playing such an important part in the future.

We consider businesses with foresight when we help our clients find investments that provide attractive prospects in an ethical manner. If you’re looking for independent financial advice in Cheshire, please give us a call here at Hartey Wealth Management.


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