Britain announces green investment sum

The UK has confirmed it has attracted almost £10 billion from international investors to support its dedicated agenda for green regeneration.

The announcement was made at the recent investment summit that kicked off in London, where 200 leading executives and financiers were in attendance.

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The recent summit marks the UK’s largest push since Brexit to encourage global investment while seeking suitable partners to accelerate Britain’s progress in the current race to excel in green technology.

As part of the itinerary for the summit, leading international investors were treated to the select experience of enjoying drinks with the Queen at Windsor Castle.

Lord Grimstone, Trade Department Minister, commented in a statement prior to the summit opening:

“We are rolling out the green carpet for investors.”

The UK government announced a selection of investment deals worth around £9.7bn, including an impressive £6bn in funding for offshore wind farms from Iberdrola, and net-zero carbon warehouses and new decarbonisation technology designed specifically for the waste sector.

According to government figures, the recently revealed investments will be counted alongside the £5.85bn already agreed since Prime Minister Boris Johnson first launched his green investment plan and made a personal pledge back in 2019, when elected.


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