A Focus on: Our Research

Research is a huge focus of ours so we thought it would be beneficial for you to see what we incorporate into our research in order for your investments to work the hardest they possibly can.

We run our own portfolios and use various platforms to facilitate the investments such as Nucleus, AXA Elevate and so on. This allows us the freedom and independence to use every available fund within the market place, which means we are not restricted.

We favour active management rather than passive management as it allows us to make local in-house decisions rather than be controlled by outside influences such as a Discretionary Fund Manager.

As part of our active management we…

Use our Risk Ladder to define risk




Use the Money Label to define where your money is invested




Use our 10 model portfolios




These are based on our 24/7 portfolios – made up of 7 asset classes and 24 sectors and then spread generally across 27 different unit trusts.

Our portfolios are monitored regularly by our team and all of our Nucleus portfolios are rebalanced every 90 days.

The Research Team, headed by William McBride (left), are constantly in touch with the fund management team to ensure we are kept abreast of all developments and changes that may be taking place globally.

Tristan and Karl also attend high level investment meetings in the USA and Canada each year along with quarterly strategic coach workshops in London, Toronto and Chicago.

Attending these meetings places them in a strong position to get global insight of the challenges, trends and changes to the world.


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