What financial protection measures are available to UK savers?

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Achieving financial security is a sought-after status for most people here in the UK. Reducing the stress of what comes next and how you will cope economically regardless of what life puts in your path can be a major asset. While preparing for every eventuality isn’t always easy on your own, options are available offering expert guidance and protective policies that can safeguard you and your loved ones. If you’ve been considering the question “what financial protection measures are available to UK savers?”, read on for a closer look at the products and services currently on offer.

Do you need a life insurance policy?

This critical product provides people with an invaluable safety net. Knowing that when you die, your loved ones will be looked after can provide comfort and reassurance. A wide range of policies are available to choose from, like whole, term and standard life insurance, and a financial expert can help you select the best option for your circumstances.

What do income protection plans involve?

When you are the sole earner for your family, income protection is a must. Trying to support yourself and your loved ones on statutory sickness pay and savings isn’t easy, but with a protective plan in place, you can be sure all essential outgoings are covered if you can no longer work.

Why is health protection helpful?

Setting up health protection policies like private insurance and critical illness cover can reduce the financial strain on your savings and family members. Protective policies are available to suit all types of healthcare concerns.

Are you at risk from investment scams?

Protective measures aren’t always insurance policies. Expert financial advisors can provide guidance regarding investment opportunities you are offered, helping you sidestep scams and schemes. Fraudsters work in person and online, using tricks and traps to steal investors’ earnings, but financial experts can help. Wealth management teams have access to detailed information on the latest investment scams in circulation and can run a professional eye over any options you are offered.

When you have worked hard to keep and grow your wealth, obtaining protection from investment scams is well worth considering.

Do you need protective policies and help with wealth management in Chester?

Putting protective plans in place can be of immense benefit to people, while providing premier levels of peace of mind. Knowing that you are prepared and can attend to your financial obligations regardless of changes to financial markets and your personal circumstances can allow you to enjoy your life and look forward to a comfortable future, free of worries.

At Hartey Wealth Management, we take a holistic view of our clients’ financial situations and future plans. Taking a bespoke approach that tailors protective planning, we ensure their individual needs are met, whether they need advice on investment opportunities, protective policies like life insurance or help with retirement and estate planning. If you would like to know more about what financial protection measures are available to UK savers, get in touch with our friendly experts today.

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