UK tech start-ups see surge in Asian investment

New data has revealed that while interest in upcoming tech firms is still soaring, large investments are being made from those based in Asia and the Middle East.

Figures show that at the end of June Middle Eastern and Asian investors had fed in over £1.7bn into sapling start-up technology firms in the UK. This sum equates to 13.2% of the total investments.

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The UK’s technology sector is currently home to some of the most innovative and internationally scalable start-ups around the world, so it comes as little surprise that Asian investors have recognised their potential in terms of assets.

Reports have confirmed that last year Asian investors were part of 106 deals, and have been involved in 95 deals already in just the first six months of 2021.

Out of all the countries in Asia, the nation that is investing the most in UK tech start-ups is Japan, with Hong Kong, Singapore, China, and Malaysia following behind.

The five largest Asian investors in the United Kingdom last year were China’s Tencent, Singapore’s GIC, Singapore’s Temasek, Japan’s SoftBank, and Hong Kong’s DST Global. Wealth funds based in Qatar and Abu Dhabi were also involved in fundraising for Tandem and Starling Bank.


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