So, you’ve heard about our Second Opinion Service, but what is it?





This blog helps to explain the rationale of launching the Second Opinion Service and the idea behind it, but if you’re in a rush and a brief round-up will do, just take a look at this simple two-minute chalkboard animation which explains what our Second Opinion Service covers.

Over the past couple of years there has been more and more media coverage that suggests high street banks and building societies are giving poor advice and inappropriate recommendations on investment products.

After hearing a number of stories that demonstrate the above, Hartey Wealth Management have launched a ‘Second Opinion Service’. This will enable the family and friends of our clients, along with others who are uncomfortable about the state of their investments and finances, to access impartial, sound financial advice.

How does the Second Opinion Service work?

We will hold a complimentary meeting with your friend or loved one at one of our offices, or their home if it is more convenient, to listen and understand their worries, ambitions, and financial needs. We will then spend a short time explaining our client journey and investment beliefs and determining their attitude to risk.

The client educates us on what existing policies and investments they may have which, in turn, will be sent to our paraplanner to analyse so that we can offer our advice on a suitable and strategic investment strategy or Financial Plan.

If you want to find out more about our ‘Second Opinion Service’ or would like to book your own complimentary consultation please get in touch.


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