Karl’s recommended reads – Finding my virginity!

By | 04.2018|Book review|

It’s that time again! Karl has been busy adding to his recommended reads list and this time he offers a short synopsis of “Finding my virginity” by Sir Richard Branson. Twenty years after his iconic memoir Losing My Virginity, the world’s ultimate entrepreneur is back with the rest of the story. Richard Branson’s Losing My [...]

The Story Behind Hartey Wealth Management

By | 11.2017|Hartey News|

We've been around since 2014, but for many the story of how we got here is unknown. Here, Karl Hartey explains the idea behind the business and what they are striving to achieve for their clients. “The vision of the company was to adopt a totally fresh client first approach whilst drawing on our twenty [...]

Karl’s Recommended Reads

By | 09.2017|Book review|

Karl's back with another of his recommended reads! This blog post shares a his thoughts and a brief overview of Red Notice by Bill Browder. A lot of books these days claim to lift the lid on the dark arts of the men in the Kremlin. Black deeds on Red Square are hot stuff in publishing. Just [...]

Our winning streak!

By | 08.2017|Hartey News|

We're delight to announce we have been named winners of the Best Financial Planning Firm – England at the 2017 Wealth & Money Management awards and Best Family-Owned Wealth Management Firm at the 2017 UK Enterprise Awards. What’s more, Managing Director Tristan Hartey has been announced winner of Young Entrepreneur Awards 2017 at the UK Enterprise [...]

Book review: Boomerang!

By | 01.2017|Book review|


I spend a lot of time researching and read at least a book a week on average. One book that really fired my imagination is ‘Boomerang’ by Michael Lewis.

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Tell me more…

By | 12.2016|Financial advice, Investment, Pensions|


When seeking the advice of a financial adviser it’s not uncommon to want to buff up on your knowledge of the main products that are used in order for you to feel more in control of making your decision.

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10 top tips for reducing your Inheritance Tax bill

By | 08.2016|Inheritance Tax|


Here, Karl Hartey shares his top ten tips for reducing and protecting your family from a potential Inheritance Tax bill.

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The Hartey Wealth Management 5 Step Programme For Investment Fitness

By | 07.2016|Investment|


Despite the somewhat miserable weather, the number of runners and cyclists on my route to work appears to be on its annual upturn.


My own good intentions are easily swayed by the biscuit tin, which is why fitness gurus always focus on the importance of discipline and a long-term approach. Fad diets and gym memberships that don’t last the month won’t improve the quality of your health, in fact they can leave you worse off.


Though arguably less strenuous, the same is true of getting your long-term investments in shape. What follows is the Hartey Five Step Programme for Investment Fitness.

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Karl Hartey takes part in Gumball3000 Rally

By | 06.2016|Team|


During the first week of May, Karl took part in his third Gumball3000 Rally with wife and co-pilot Helen, driving 3000 miles from Dublin to Bucharestkarl and helen in just six days.

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Do you know the costs of your investments?

By | 06.2016|Investment|


Have you ever driven several miles out of your way to save a penny on a litre of petrol? Do you collect vouchers or enrol in loyalty schemes to save a few pounds on grocery items? Did you complain when the Government added another penny in tax on a pint of beer? Well, how about the cost of your investments?

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