What’s involved in retirement planning?

If you’ve been looking ahead to your retirement, you may already have some idea of how you’ll support yourself. However, planning for the future can be a complicated task as the information in your possession is always subject to change.

Fortunately, experienced financial advisers can help you forecast for the future and assist with developing a plan that ensures you’ll have the funds you require to not just cover the basics, but to get the most out of your retirement too.

Here, we’ll explore the key stages of retirement planning and discuss some of the options available, and look at how financial advisors can help.

Making pre-retirement plans

The pre-retirement stage involves accumulating enough assets prior your retirement. These assets may be part of a dedicated portfolio designed to support you once you reach retirement age and are no longer employed. To ensure your portfolio is resilient it’s essential that the investments included in it are varied and this is where a professional financial advisor with experience of investments can offer strong support. With sound financial advice on your side, you can effectively plan for your retirement, so you’re ready when the time arrives. Tax efficient tactics can help you save money, while cash flow forecasting can reveal whether you will have the capital you require when you stop working.

Managing your finances post-retirement

The post-retirement stage is designed to make certain all your assets can provide you with both the suitable capital and the income security you will require during your retirement. You may have specific ideas in mind of how you’d like to spend your retirement, and a professional financial advisor can help you achieve these goals by making the most of your assets.

There is a wide array of options to select from when it comes to investments, but an expert and independent advisor can guide you to the most suitable option that suits your situation, and design a strategy that meets your needs. If you are concerned about how your estate will pass on to your beneficiaries after you die, financial advisers can also help you navigate the complexities of inheritance tax. With professional advice, you can make sure that more of your money is left to your loved ones, thus ensuring they are well taken care of after you’ve gone.

Specialists in retirement planning

At Hartey Wealth Management, our experienced financial advisers can examine your options and offer expert advice on the most suitable retirement solutions for your personal circumstances. From help with tax to designing an investment strategy, there are a host of services we can assist with. So, if you’re looking for retirement planning specialists in Chester with the skills and experience to advise you, our team is ready to help.

Having the peace of mind that comes from knowing your retirement will be comfortable can allow you to concentrate on enjoying your life now, so contact us today to discuss your current portfolio or make some new plans.


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