What is a portfolio management service?

Portfolio management services are offered by a designated portfolio manager and represent a collection of investments in fixed-income, stocks, cash, debt, and structured products among other standalone securities. These are overseen by an expert money manager, and can be personalised to meet particular investment objectives.

These services provide active management for the investments of their clients. Offering experience and unbiased advice, dedicated portfolio managers work closely alongside those who hire them. This personalised approach is a key factor in portfolio management as it allows financial investment advisers to understand a client’s long-term ambitions and help them achieve these aims, based on the amount of risk they wish to take on, and their individual investment objectives.

The financial markets of today tend to move rapidly and investments can easily be impacted by the actions or words of an individual, a company or world government. Modern investment management services have been designed to react swiftly on behalf of their clients, and using state-of-the-art solutions, they are able to manage their clients’ money more efficiently

How does investment portfolio management work?

A selection of tailored investment portfolios that include a range of different assets and varied levels of risk are presented, each with a specific theme. These themes may include long-term capital growth, maximising income, a mixture of the two, or ethical investing where investments are chosen to match a client’s personal principles. The individual portfolios are designed to deliver on specific investment objectives and are always actively managed, so they remain within clearly defined parameters for risk.

How do you know if a portfolio management service is right for you?

As portfolios offered can vary greatly in terms of the investments they include and the levels of associated risk, they can be appropriate for a broad range of investors seeking a management service. However, portfolio management services might not be suited to every investor’s needs.

Those seeking cash-based, zero-risk investments, or whose investment requirements are more complex and require grater consideration, could find that portfolio management services may not be the most ideal option available. However, an experienced investment adviser will be able to offer an alternative solution that meets your requirements.

An expert portfolio management team

If you’re currently looking at options for portfolio management in Shropshire, we at Hartey Wealth Management we can help.

Our portfolio management service is operated by a professional team of dedicated investment experts. The team is responsible for designing and handling our select range of investment portfolios, making sure that every portfolio we provide aligns with its carefully designed profile for risk, and always answers its investment aim.

To achieve this objective, the team is constantly reviewing and analysing current market conditions to assess how portfolio investments must be allocated. We include only the best-in-class investments in the portfolios we build, through a combination of selecting from the whole of the market and close relations with leaders in the retail investment industry.

Contact our team today for advice and support with constructing a portfolio to suit your individual requirements.


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