What if you need expert reassurance?

When stock markets are showing signs of uncertainty, investors can, quite rightly, feel a little nervous. Doubts can surface over whether the financial decisions they have made were correct. What may have looked like a solid investment some time ago can now seem a little uncertain.

When that happens, it’s good to seek a second opinion. Just having the opportunity to talk over the thinking that led to the investment decision can be a reassuring process. Reading press articles or financial documents can reveal some pointers, but it’s still possible to overlook key information.

Finding a like-minded individual can be a tricky task. For some people, the solution is to form an investors club where anyone with an interest in carrying out research can chat it through with others and they can reach a consensus decision. The attraction of such a setup is that it is a forum for differing views to come together. An issue that one person might have overlooked can become the subject of intense debate. It might also convince people to avoid certain investments – or indeed to increase the amount of money they commit.

That’s all fine if a club is an option in your area. If that’s not the case, or you’re keen to go it alone but would still like a degree of professional reassurance, Hartey Wealth Management’s Second Opinion Service offers an expert view on your existing arrangements for investment, inheritance tax and protection, and retirement planning in Chester and Shropshire.


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