What does the term “income investing” mean?

Simply put, income investing is defined as assembling a collection of different investments – which may involve a variety of investment styles and asset classes – that can create regular income for investors.

There are typically two ways to choose from that allow investors to profit from investments. The first method involves appreciation on an investment’s value. This effectively results in gains made on top of the initial payment made for an investment after selling it.

The second approach concerns income payments periodically, in the form of dividends or interest from an investment. While dividends are usually paid out quarterly, interest can occur more frequently and is often accrued monthly.

Not all kinds of investments offer the possibility of both income and appreciation payments. For instance, some specific stocks won’t pay out a dividend, which represents the reward of a steady income stream for investors.

Other investments that generate income, like a certificate of deposit (CD), money market funds and personal savings accounts, will pay interest out on regularly but won’t offer the chance of price appreciation.

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