What can a second opinion service offer investors?

If you established your investment mandate and portfolio some time ago, there’s a good chance it may need some revision. In a constantly fluctuating market, adapting and rebalancing your portfolio may be necessary to move your investments out of risk and on to safer ground. There is also a strong possibility, that over time your current portfolio may have strayed from your original brief.

A second opinion on your financial affairs from an unbiased independent advisor can offer you new insights into your current portfolio and a fresh perspective on how to achieve your long-term investment goals. As well as assisting you to actualise your financial ambitions, an expert advisor can also help quell your concerns about the future, ensuring you feel prepared for unexpected circumstances, retirement and making sure those you leave behind are taken care of.

If you’re currently seeking a financial advisor in Chester or Shropshire to look over your current portfolio and ensure it is still relevant, you can count on our team. At Hartey Wealth Management we’ve assembled a team of financial experts to operate our Second Opinion Service. This innovative option allows our independent advisors to take an in-depth look with an impartial eye over your present portfolio and ensure it is performing properly.

Whether you’re concerned about inheritance tax and retirement planning, protections or investments, rest assured that your future will be in safe hands. Get in touch today to explore the numerous advantages of our dedicated Second Opinion Service.


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