What benefit can a second pair of eyes be on your investments?

When you establish an investment portfolio, your financial advisor will take into consideration many different factors. Your attitude towards risk and financial status will be accounted for, as will your long and short-term goals and any ethical prerequisites you have for investing.

What is wealth management?

Wealth management involves investing for a significant period of time in order to both maintain and grow your personal wealth. It is likely that your personal economic circumstances and the volatility of financial markets will both see substantial changes over the duration.

For this reason, it can be exceptionally useful to examine your portfolio periodically and make sure it is still delivering on its original requirements and meeting your expectations.

Benefits of wealth management

There is nothing to lose from acquiring a second opinion from a professional wealth manager, but there is much to gain. Consumers can enjoy a wealth of benefits, from a clear view of how investments are performing and a health check on their protection measures to a greater understanding of whether you are ready financially to retire and have a strategy in place to mitigate inheritance tax costs.

If you’re seeking a fresh perspective on your investments and expert wealth management in Shropshire, you can count on Hartey Wealth Management for unbiased advice. Our original Second Opinion Service was created to give you an impartial view of your financial affairs to create and preserve your personal wealth.

Get in touch with our team today to start this informative process and find out if your current portfolio is still delivering.


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