What are the advantages of an independent financial advisor?

At one time or another in their lives, most people require sound financial advice. This is especially so at significant points in their lives, like having children, buying a property, starting a business or picking the right time to retire.

An independent financial advisor, or IFA for short, can be exceptionally beneficial at such times and can help with multiple concerns, from planning for the future and reducing tax to growing investments and offering guidance on decision making.

Benefits of an IFA

IFAs typically ask their clients a range of questions they may not have yet considered and help them to establish their financial goals. An example would be: When would you like to retire, and what funds will you need to enjoy the lifestyle you want?

Consumers seeking to arrange a complicated financial product, like an investment or pension, will find that an IFA can make or save money. With expert knowledge of products, tax and legislation, they can help clients avoid common pitfalls and make the most of their money.

The full potential of financial advice is usually realised over the long term, after financial plans are in place. Annually, an IFA will meet with their clients and review their financial plans to ensure they are still appropriate. Any adjustments can then be made to ensure the consumer stays on track to reach their long-term financial ambitions.

IFAs you can trust

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