UK study shows investor confidence returning

New research has revealed that confidence levels of UK-based investors overall, have seen a rise from 62 points to 82 in the past 12 months.

The study was launched back in April last year for an assessment of the immediate effect of COVID-19 on both the investment marketplace and investors here in the UK.

Entitled the Investor Index, the report was designed to offer an unbiased overview of the sector based on actual data. A year on, the country may still be heavily impacted by the pandemic, but the 2021 statistics have uncovered some substantial changes among investors.

Although it does not meet the same level recorded prior to the pandemic, the results of the index showed a significant increase in UK investor confidence in 2021. Confidence scores were calculated based on investor responses when asked to define their feelings regarding making decisions about investments.

The research showed that confidence levels had dramatically increased by between 30 to 38 points among respondents who were older investors, including those who are retired, have a portfolio, and use financial advisors. Confidence levels had only marginally risen in younger investors surveyed however, showing a more modest increase of four points.

Those seeking impartial investment advice in Chester, Manchester, and other parts of the UK can rely on professional wealth management firms for guidance.

The study also revealed that 41% of all investors in the UK have had more funds available to invest since the COVID-19 outbreak began, with 36% opting to invest more.


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