UK set for major transport investment

The UK’s upcoming The UK will soon see almost £7 billion worth of investment in transport outside of the capital. The news is part of an ongoing plan to reduce economic inequality.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak unveiled the new transport initiative when he announced his upcoming spending review in the autumn Budget.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s programme, dubbed “levelling up”, is regarded as vital in keeping voters in former Labour party strongholds who backed his campaign back during the general election in 2019. At the time, the Conservative party obtained many seats in the north of England based on Johnson’s promise of Brexit and a boost to growth and employment opportunities.

The support offered from these regions will now see a return, receiving funds from the new transport project. The Treasury has stated that the UK government will now invest £5.7 billion within the city regions in an effort to boost productivity through station and train upgrades, and the expansion of dedicated tram networks.

The government will also inject a further £1.2 billion into the transport system to overhaul existing bus services.

Its intention is to shorten journey times and simplify the current fare systems. It also aims to increase services operating outside of London, following repeated complaints that parts of the UK beyond the capital were poorly served by available transport links, to the detriment of business.

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