UK manufacturing experiences record high foreign investment

A new study has revealed that overseas investment activity in the British manufacturing industry has reached a three-year high.

The recent research states that while the overall market share of investment activity has fallen, the United Kingdom is still leading Europe in the sector. Just as investors abroad select assets here in the UK to their advantage, British consumers can find investment opportunities in stocks and shares overseas. Experts in wealth management in Shropshire, Derbyshire and other UK counties offer their clients guidance and an expert opinion on the potential risk and return involved in specific investments.

The investment study examined data from manufacturing firms based in the UK and the rest of Europe in 2021. It found that Britain remains an attractive market for foreign investors, with some sectors being especially so. Manufacturing ranked highly, with infrastructure projects like HS2 also driving significant investment, and property owners seeking to enhance ageing housing stock were a driving force in private investment.

The research noted that the UK continues to be the busiest market in Europe for manufacturing investments, fortifying its position as the most sought-after investor destination in recent years.

Experts believe the upturn recorded towards 2020’s end was probably fuelled by the UK’s successful vaccine roll-out and enterprises rushing to close deals prior to Britain leaving the European Union. Despite this optimism waning in 2021 in line with additional restrictions and economic uncertainty, investments from overseas are now displaying a three year high in 2022.


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