UK government launches consultation on sovereign investors tax

The UK government has recently launched an official consultation to improve and modernise the treatment it gives to overseas sovereign investors, like sovereign wealth funds and heads of state, in regard to tax.

The new consultation is proposing reforms to be instated from April 2024 onwards that will make rules clearer and ensure they provide better value for money for taxpayers in the UK. The government doesn’t anticipate that the proposals will have a significant effect on overseas investment in Britain.

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To make certain that the regime offers the greatest value for UK taxpayers’ money, the consultation will also look to improving the exemptions currently available to foreign sovereign investors. As a result, the UK will be better in keeping with other substantial world economies like Germany and the United States.

In a statement, the UK Treasury’s Financial Secretary, MP Lucy Frazer, commented:

“As the world continues to evolve, we are committed to ensuring the UK keeps pace and remains a competitive, attractive place for foreign investors. Our reforms will provide more clarity on the tax exemptions on offer to sovereign investors, while also ensuring they deliver better value for money for UK taxpayers.”

The consultation will run from July 4 to September 12 this year and will seek to provide greater clarity for investors by making UK’s current sovereign investment tax regime part of statute law.


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