UK equities experience substantial outflows

New data has revealed that funds in North America, Japan and the United Kingdom have all experienced significant outflows during October, however, the UK has suffered much greater outflows compared to other regions.

The figures from the Investment Association (IA) revealed that the UK experienced net retail outflows totalling £661 million, in comparison to £8 million from Japanese funds and £187 million from North America. The report commented:

“Outflows from UK equities and North America were partly offset by inflows to funds investing in global equities (around £586 million).”

However, it added that the sector that was worst selling was “UK All Companies” in October 2021, suffering £349 million in outflows.

One theme that saw notable inflows is responsible investing, according to the IA figures, with retail investors apparently eager to do good, as well as seeking financial returns.

Responsible funds have continued to see substantial inflows from retail investors looking to make money and act ethically simultaneously. An extra £1.5 billion is set to be invested now, taking the total amount invested in responsible funds to about £88.7 billion.

UK consumers seeking responsible or ethical investment advice in Shropshire and Cheshire can consult wealth management firms for assistance. Wealth managers can create investment portfolios that only include assets that meet the approval of their client’s personal ethics and attitude towards sustainability.

The data gleaned for fund sales in the report incorporates institutional and retail sales in unit trusts that are authorised, along with open-ended investment firms provided to UK investors. However, the figures do not represent exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and investment trusts.


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