UK-based investors searching for diversified growth

A new report has revealed that last year, institutional investors in the United Kingdom have been heavily searching the Global Diversified Growth funds asset class. The research also showed that this trend has continued into 2022, with the asset class remaining within the top three investment vehicles being searched.

UK consumers and companies seeking investment advice in Shropshire and other affluent areas across the country often consult wealth management companies for guidance. Experts in investment, wealth managers can track down specific assets that suit their client’s financial aims, risk tolerance and even their stance on ethical issues. They then use them to construct a diverse investment portfolio that balances return and risk to weather market fluctuations.

The data uncovered that in a 12-month period ending on March 31 this year, Global Diversified Growth funds were the most researched asset class by UK based institutional investors. The statistics also showed that during the first quarter of this year, these funds was the third-most searched asset class.

The data base includes over 200 dedicated funds for Global Diversified Growth. Proportionately, the currencies of these investment vehicles are Canadian dollar (CAD) at 1 per cent, United States dollar (USD) at 21 per cent, Euro (EUR) at 24 per cent and British pound sterling (GBP) at 54 per cent.

The report commented that the war in Ukraine, the pandemic and high inflation rates will continue to remain as key issues producing economic uncertainty in 2022 increasing the volatility of financial markets.


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