Transport operator enjoys record revenues in HY1 2022

The leading transport provider National Express Group, which delivers inter-regional and intercity services here in the UK, as well as throughout Europe, the Middle East, North America and North Africa via local coach companies, has announced an increase in its shares and an upswing towards profitability.

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The travel company announced that it had experienced its highest revenues in 10 years, with revenues rising from $990 million at the end of the first half of 2021 to £1.3 billion for the same time this year, marking revenue growth of 33.6 per cent.

In a statement, the CEO for National Express, Ignacio Garat, commented:

“I am pleased to see momentum building across the Group, with strong growth in revenue, profit, and cash in the first half. The path ahead will not be without challenges. We believe, however, that we are well positioned in an inflationary environment.”

Garat added that whilst National Express is mindful of the challenges ahead, it maintains its full year guidance, and in respect to FY 2022, it will continue anticipating reinstating a full year dividend.

Figures show that over 792 million passengers’ trips were made on National Express services last year and that 80 per cent of its revenues came from its enterprises based outside of Britain.


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