Three step you can take now to protect your dependants


When you’re feeling fit and healthy and enjoying a prosperous career, the prospect of being unable to care for your family can seem remote. Between Brexit and the recent COVID-19 crisis however, many professionals across the country are learning first-hand how tumultuous the economic climate can be.

Whether you’re working, retired or no longer living, feeling safe in the knowledge you’ll be able to fulfil your obligations over the coming years can be a great relief.

Expert financial advisors can offer you peace of mind and ensure you’re prepared for whatever life sends your way, and here are some steps you can take:

Plan for the unexpected

Making sure that you are ready for sudden financial changes can be a great asset. From portfolios that cleverly balance return and risk, to specialist retirement plans that factor in your family’s needs and your long-term ambitions, independent financial advice will make sure you’re prepared.

Mitigating inheritance tax

Professional advisors can also devise strategies that help you reduce the size of the inheritance tax bills your family will face when you die. This way you can ensure they will have adequate provisions, even when you are no longer around.

Protection tailored to your situation

Finally, advisors can design a plan based on your personal requirements, including a wide range of cover such as private medical, business, family, income protection and dedicated life insurance.

If you’re looking for financial planning services in Shropshire to ensure your loved ones stay safe, regardless of your circumstances, we can help at Hartey Wealth Management. Get in touch today and get prepared.

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