The changing face of considerate investing

Cast an eye back a couple of decades and the notion of investing sustainably came at a cost. Ethical funds tended to exclude certain companies rather than focus on those with a supportive approach to the environment. The price of investing with a clear conscience was generally lower returns because of the exclusions.

That’s changing. There are growing numbers of funds that aim to deliver strong performance and at the same time have consideration for the environment.

In the past few weeks, the UK government has revealed plans for the City of London to become a global centre for green finance. Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants to underline the UK’s green credentials ahead of next year’s COP26 climate change summit in Glasgow. Bringing together the actions of companies and government ambitions should offer investment opportunities.

It’s no longer just a case of excluding businesses, such as the major oil companies, that were viewed as polluters. Investment managers have been instrumental in driving that change and the options for anyone seeking to invest with a conscience have grown substantially.

The evolution has been accelerated to some extent by the global pandemic – we’re driving less and taking fewer flights, as well as having a generally more thoughtful outlook for our surroundings.

That’s good news for anyone considering how to invest for a future where consideration for the environment doesn’t mean sacrificing investment returns. When it comes to anyone seeking independent financial advice in Shropshire, it’s something else to consider when planning for a secure future.


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