Are you making the most of your pension?

By | 07.2018|Pensions|

By the time we have been working for a decade or two, it is not uncommon to have accumulated multiple pension plans. There's no wrong time to start thinking about pensions consolidation, but you might find yourself thinking about it if you're starting a new job or you're nearing retirement. Consolidating your pensions means bringing [...]

Karl’s recommended reads – Finding my virginity!

By | 04.2018|Book review|

It’s that time again! Karl has been busy adding to his recommended reads list and this time he offers a short synopsis of “Finding my virginity” by Sir Richard Branson. Twenty years after his iconic memoir Losing My Virginity, the world’s ultimate entrepreneur is back with the rest of the story. Richard Branson’s Losing My [...]

Tristan’s Recommended Read – “Business For Punks” – James Watt

By | 08.2017|Team|

Going on holiday and looking for a last minute read? Here, Tristan shares his recommended read and shares an overview of what it entails. BREWDOG maverick James Watt pens an undeniably engaging “business bible for a new generation,” even if the advice often veers too close to Nathan Barley territory. A desire to put together the [...]

Time for change?

By | 11.2016|Investment|


With New Year fast approaching, now is a good time to take a look at your investment portfolio and maybe even consider making some changes.

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The Foundation Stones of Good Investing – Part One

By | 10.2016|Investment|

Investing is how you make your money grow or appreciate for long term financial goals. It is a way of saving your money for something further ahead in the future. Investing money well requires a logical and robust framework on which to build a lifelong investment programme. Here we take a look at the first five [...]