Our top 7 pension tips for nuturing your nest egg this year!

By | 01.2018|Pensions|

We’ve provided seven pension tips for you to consider to keep your retirement plans on track this year. 1. Consider consolidating your pension pots – while it might be hard to keep track of pensions with job changes, the Government offers a free Pension Tracing Service. Bringing your pension pots together may help you manage them, but take care to understand the [...]

How much time do you spend retirement planning?

By | 08.2017|Retirement Planning|

The 2015 Pension Freedoms gave us greater flexibility over our retirement options, but the reforms have also made retirement choices much more complex. This means we need to start thinking about our retirement earlier. However, half of respondents aged 45-54 to an LV consumer survey didn't think about retirement at all last year. Given the [...]

Financial Advice: Knowledge is Power

By | 07.2017|Financial advice|

The poor understanding of financial advice is particularly worrying at a time when people are faced with more complex decisions about retirement than ever before. Taking professional financial advice is vital to ensure you are equipped to make the most of your hard-earned savings and receive the income you need in retirement. Here, we explain [...]

Brexit causes millions to change their retirement plans

By | 04.2017|Retirement Planning|

Retirement is undoubtedly a thought-provoking time anyway, but Britain’s exit from the EU appears to have added to the difficulties of retirement planning too, causing many with existing retirement plans to action changes. Findings from LV=* research has revealed that, of those approaching retirement, more than one in four (27%) have changed their retirement plans [...]

Why a financial adviser could be for you…

By | 12.2016|Financial advice|


Although a number of people start off as DIY investors, ordinarily they soon realise that the help of a good financial adviser is the best way forward; they can help you realise your goals by offering impartial and expert advice on your financial affairs. Here, we offer the top reasons for seeking the help of a professional.

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Are you fit for retirement?

By | 09.2016|Retirement Planning|

Funding a comfortable retirement will be the biggest financial priority for many people, yet some people spend more time planning their holiday than their own retirement – perhaps because planning for retirement seems too complicated to think about? We know that we want an active, comfortable retirement but often don’t know where to start the [...]

Are you prepared?

By | 05.2016|Critical Illness Cover|


We never think a critical illness is going to happen to us, especially when we feel fit and healthy, but it can and does. If the worst does happen, it is important to make sure you are financially protected against the impact a critical illness could have on you and your family.

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