Protecting your business

By | 04.2018|Protection|

For many business owners it can be impossible to fully separate their business and personal affairs. Often your business is the main asset within your personal estate and the main source of income for you and your family. Business owners have particular demands and circumstances and their will and estate planning needs to take this [...]

It’s all in the preparation…

By | 02.2018|Estate Planning|

Getting your affairs in order and planning what you want to pass on to loved ones, whether it’s while you’re alive or after you’ve passed away, is really important. Not only does it mean that your wishes can be carried out but it can also help reduce the emotional and financial burden on loved ones at an already difficult time. [...]

Protecting, preserving or ultimately distributing your wealth

By | 12.2017|Protection|

Ensuring that you have adequate financial protection for you, your family and any dependants is an important element of financial planning. As a healthy working person with a good income, you may feel reasonably confident that you are able to provide for your family. However, your finances could be more precarious than you think. No matter what the current [...]

10 top tips for reducing your Inheritance Tax bill

By | 08.2016|Inheritance Tax|


Here, Karl Hartey shares his top ten tips for reducing and protecting your family from a potential Inheritance Tax bill.

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You still don’t have a Will?

By | 05.2016|Wills & Trusts|


Resident Wills and Estate Planner, Bill Evans shares his top four reasons for having a Will in place to ensure you’re in control of what happens to your estate when you pass on.

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