Survey reveals investors snubbing sustainable assets

New research has revealed that despite the government’s action on climate change and the 2021 COP26 summit in Glasgow, many UK investors are still failing to recognise the importance of environmental and sustainable investments and make them a priority.

Ethical investors keen to add sustainable assets to their portfolio often consult wealth managers for guidance. These experts in portfolio management in Chester, London and other parts of the UK collect investments that match their client’s personal ethics, helping them on their path towards responsible investing.

However, a recent survey of over 800 investors based here in the United Kingdom holding investments valued at more than £10,000 (with savings, pensions and property excluded) discovered that less than 50 per cent regard sustainable investment as a priority for their portfolio.

According to the report, investors aged between 18 and 34 were much more likely to consider sustainable investing as important, with 60 per cent of respondents taking this stance. However, only 30 per cent of those surveyed in the over-55 bracket felt this type of investing was of note.

When questioned about their present investment plans for 2022, just over 50 per cent of investors in the 18 to 34 group said they intend to invest in sustainable assets under portfolio management, while only 12 per cent of older investors confirmed such strategies.

Experts have cited government attempts to greenwash investments and performance fears as the key reason as to why, while the world is experiencing a climate crisis, UK investors are in no hurry to add sustainable assets to their portfolios.


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