Survey reveals data on professional investors and cryptocurrency

New research undertaken has revealed that the United Kingdom has become one of the markets attracting hedge fund managers and other professional investors that are focused on digital asset funds and cryptocurrencies.

The study uncovered that 74 percent of wealth management companies and institutional investors now have plans in place to expand their current exposure to digital assets and crypto and between the years 2021 and 2023.

Additionally, six out of the 23 respondents taking part in the survey confirmed they would be ‘dramatically’ increasing exposure within this two-year term.

The potential for substantial capital appreciation was cited by respondents as a key reason for the increase in exposure to crypto. Almost half of those surveyed stated that improvements to the present regulatory environment were having a positive impact on their viewpoint, increasing their confidence in making such investments.

UK consumers seeking financial guidance and professional investment advice in Shropshire can consult wealth management firms for any assistance required. From providing an unbiased view of new and existing assets, wealth managers can also develop well-balanced portfolios for clients and form strategies to achieve specific financial goals.

It is worth noting that the recent study also highlighted a number of blocks in existence to greater investment in digital assets like crypto. Approximately three quarters of those responding to the survey admitted that the crypto market’s present structure, which now comprises small cap projects in their thousands, causes not only liquidity issues, but lacks transparency for those seeking to invest.


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